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Recently we were contacted by the owner of a B&B who had just paid for a very nice looking WIX website (www.wix.com). He said he was very happy with the look of the site, but that the site had been online for over a month the still wasn’t listed on Google. The original developers response was that “ SEO is jungle of jargon and there seems to be no rhyme or reason how Google treats a website…unless you pay! Personally, I think Google has become a beast and even Google can’t manage Google.” Not what you want to hear when you have just put your time and dollars into a shiny new website!  

I told him that I would have a look and get back to him about having his site indexed on Google. Most of the sites we develop these days are Wordpress based and I’d not heard of  WIX websites previously. I checked the Google index and sure enough the site was not listed. A quick look over the site didn’t give many clues either. Good page titles, a decent amount of content. The site should be at least listed even if it was down the page ranking. A quick search for “WIX SEO” soon uncovered the problem. Reading through a post on one of the most popular SEO websites, MOZ (http://moz.com/community/q/wix-is-it-any-good-for-seo) spelt it out. In short, no WIX has some major flaws if you want a website that ranks well, or in this case, at all on Google. After checking a few more search results it became clear a WIX website was unlikely to rank well on the search engines. So I called the B&B with the bad news and offered to change the site over to either a simple HTML site or convert it to Wordpress. After some research of his own the client agreed Wordpress was the best way forward. With this decided we went to work transferingthe site to Wordpress, setting up SEO friendly URLs etc using the same content, text and images.

Within three days the site was indexed on Google and listed on the first page for B&Bs in their area. The site looked similar, with the same content, same pages as the WIX site but the Wordpress version was ranking well from the first time Google crawled the site where as the WIX site had not been listed at all after six weeks. The client was more than happy with the Google ranking and with how easily he could update Wordpress.

In the battle of WIX vs Wordpress, Wordpress is a clear winner for search engine ranking, flexibility and ease of use.