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On first meeting Mark New to help set up a website for my painting business, he was very easy to get along with and gave me lots of advice on what information, photos, logos etc to collect.He registered our domain name straight away after checking it was available, which I was very pleased with. Not only did he help create our website but he advised me on how to market my business and what would make my painting business stand out from the ‘crowd’. He not only suggested images ,headings etc to include on the website but also how to have my name appear before others on Google. It’s been a few years now and my business name still appears on the first page when you goggle Kiama Painters! After giving Mark all the information he needed he created my website efficiently and I didn’t need to make any changes to it all, was happy with it instantly and I’m very fussy!He definitely has an eye for detail! Ever since he’s been easy to deal with and takes care of any updates I need to make on the website.I would highly recommend Mark to any business wishing to expand!